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Gravure ink situation and development trend - gravure printing ink, gravure ink development - web printing industry




1. All the characteristics of ink

With the continuous improvement of living standards of people in China in recent years, Packaging Printing Emergence of rapid development, Printing Equipment Introduction, plate making equipment upgrade, printing ink perfect, with people printing out Package Bags of excellence, at the same time stirred up people's environmental awareness. Its basic function as the ink shall require certain equipment, to give people the information they need.

1) classification of ink Order to adapt to all kinds of printing, the printing needs of applications, ink wide range of physical and chemical properties are different, the performance differences were large clear classification is a prerequisite to use good ink.

classification by drying. When the printing ink from the print edition of the transfer to the substrate surface, the ink from the liquid into a solid membranous, and this is the dry ink, ink drying are the physical role of the chemical effect.

A. oxidative polymerization drying ink. Ink resin and react with oxygen in the air, so that exchange resin adhesive to form network structure and dry.

B. drying ink penetration. Infiltration of porous materials such as paper, ink drying.

C. evaporation drying type ink. Contains a large number of these volatile solvent ink, printing to the printing surface, the solvent evaporation into the atmosphere, the remaining ink resin and pigment with the formation of solid film and the adhesion to the substrate surface.

D. radiation drying inks. Radiation is the ink drying energy by radiation, so that ink connection material of the molecules aggregate into a solid from the liquid drying. Some substances are mainly absorbed energy ink free radicals, triggering ink resin, unsaturated double bonds in the crosslinking reaction.

E. other drying inks. Other drying methods range from dry and wet coagulation, condensation drying, precipitation and dry two-component response drying, gel drying.

Classification by printing A. offset printing ink B. Toppan Printing Ink C. Flexo Printing Ink D. gravure ink E. porous printing ink Classification gravure printing ink. Gravure printing ink used in the main by the right to use classification, divided into publishing with ink, packaging inks, industrial inks.

Composite flexible packaging materials are used in packaging printing ink ink basic areas of concern of our species.

2) the composition of ink Printing ink is a pigment, binders, fillers and other materials, a mixture of slurry dispersed colloidal. Pigment to give a variety of color printing, connect the carrier material as a pigment, but also for adhesive to make pigment around the substrate surface, filling the appropriate nature of the given ink, the ink printability meet a variety of printing processes. The liquid ink composition as binders, solid-color materials into categories of various additives.

Gravure printing ink generally from 5% to 15% of the pigment, 20% to 40% of the binder resin, 0% to 60% of the solvent, from 0 to 5% of the additive composition.

2. Domestic ink status 1) domestic gravure ink

Domestic form into the general flexible packaging printing ink (such as shopping bags, maternal and infant health products) with ink (the ink to dissolve polyamide resin, PA-based benzene), packets with the ink (to nitrocellulose resin, NC mainly ) and Carton Ink (water-based ink), and composite ink, 70% or more based on chlorinated polypropylene (CLPP) based BOPP special inks 10-20% for the polyurethane

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