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  • DuPont Corp

    DuPont is a science company, to provide science-based products and services. DuPont which Founded in 1802 devoted themselves to work by creating sustainable solutions, for better life for people around the world, safer and healthier. Today, DuPont has more than 60,000 employees in the world, with ...

  • Cofco Corporation

    Cofco Corporation ( COFCO ) was founded in 1949, after years of efforts, from the initial development of grain and oil Foodstuff Trading Co to become China's leading agricultural products, food diversification of products and service providers, is committed to build from field to table the whole ind...

  • 3M

    3M is internationally recognized in the field of research and development enterprise pioneer. We produce tens of thousands of innovative products, in medical products, highway safety office supplies, products, optical products such as the core market leadership. The success of the 3M is based on a n...

  • KFC Corporation

    KFC Corporation belong to Yun brand, headquartered in the United States of America Louisville Kentucky, is the world's one of the brand, has a wealth of successful and innovative history.

  • Coca Cola China Company

    Make known to every family in China one of the brand, the most popular soft drink brands. Since 1979 to return to China to date, a total investment of more than $5000000000 in China, has built 41 bottling plants, more than 48000 employees, 99% for local Chinese staff, long-term support for education...

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