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Cofco Corporation



Cofco Corporation ( COFCO ) was founded in 1949, after years of efforts, from the initial development of grain and oil Foodstuff Trading Co to become China's leading agricultural products, food diversification of products and service providers, is committed to build from field to table the whole industry chain grain and oil food enterprises, construction of whole service Chain City complex, utilizing continuous regeneration of the natural resources for human to provide nutrition and healthy food, high-quality living space and life services, to contribute to the people more affluent and social prosperity and stability.

COFCO food grain and oil trade, processing from the start, the extension of industrial chain to plant breeding, logistics transportation, food processing of raw material, biomass energy, food production and sale of real estate brand hotels, financial services and other fields, in each link to create core competitive ability, for stakeholders to create maximum value, and to return the customer, shareholders and employees.

Through the improvement of the industrial chain, in the form of the many brands of products and services portfolio: door edible oil, the Great Wall wine, chocolate, kinde tomato products, family good health meat products, Xiangxue flour, grain Dojo conveniently, LOHAS Mengniu Dairy, juice, Mr Shopping Mall, Yalong Bay resort, cashmere, snow lotus tea tea, such as finance and insurance. These brands and services created in high quality, high grade market reputation.

As an investment holding company, COFCO owns Chinese food ( 00506.HK ), COFCO Holdings ( 00606.HK ) ( 02319.HK ), Mengniu Dairy, food packaging ( 00906.HK ) four Hong Kong listed companies, as well as COFCO Tunhe ( 600737.SH ), COFCO Property ( 000031.SZ ) and COFCO biochemical ( 000930.SZ ) three mainland listing Corporation.

In the face of the development of world economic integration trend, COFCO continuously strengthen and global business partners in agricultural products, grain and oil food, beverage, wine, tomato fruit, sugar, meat and feed, biomass energy, real estate, hotel and extensive cooperation in the field of finance. By virtue of its good performance, in the American magazine " fortune " continued to rank the world top 500 enterprises, in the Chinese food industry 100 first strong.

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