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  • 1、What is the material of oven bags?

    The oven bags of Sunkey are made of special PET which produced with particular material.

  • 1、 What’s the material structure of aluminum foil bags?

    Material: PET/AL/PE (general packing), PET/AL/NY/PE (heavy packing), PET/NY/AL/RCPP (high-temperature cooking)

  • 2、 What is the minimum order of oven bags?

    The oven bags of Sunkey are divided into two types. One is standard size and the other is non-standard size. The W25*L38mm standard size which can be folded, the MOQ is 330000 and the customized which can not be folded is 300000.

  • 2、 What’s your MOQ for aluminum foil bags?

    Our Sunkey Company can accept 5000㎡the first time. But our MOQ is not less than 10000 ㎡ the second time.

  • 3、Whether Sunkey provides pattern design of the outer packing of oven bags?

    Yes, we do provide. Sunkey has a design team with 10 qualified people to provide pattern design professionally. But your own pattern design is also welcomed.

  • 3、 How long is the delivery time for aluminum foil bags of your Sunkey Company?

    The delivery time for aluminum foil bags order is generally 25 days. But if you urgently need products please tell us in advanced.

  • 4、Whether the oven bags of Sunkey have passed the FDA?

    Yes, our oven bags have met the standard of FDA, the food can be put into directly.

  • 4、 What is the price terms of aluminum foil bags for your Sunkey Company , FOB or CIF?

    Our Sunkey Company usually uses FOB for aluminum foil bags.

  • 5、 What is the size of the oven bags for Turkey?


  • 5、 How many bags does your Sunkey Company produce for aluminum foil bags per day?

    The supply ability of our Sunkey Company is 350000 pieces bags per day.

  • 6、What is the highest temperature the oven bags can bear?

    The oven bags of Sunkey can bear 220degree for 75min.

  • 6、 What’s the production process of aluminum foil bags for your Sunkey Company ?

    Printing,laminating,aging,slitting,bag-making,encasement,casual inspection,shipping

  • 7、Whether the size of the oven bags can be customized?

    Yes. The oven bags of Sunkey can be customized, 500*500mm as the biggest.

  • 7、 Can your Sunkey Company guarantee that the delivery time of your foil bags is on time?

    If the delivery time exceeds the deadline of the contract Our Sunkey Company promises that we will compensate for 1000 yuan per day within 5 days and we will compensate for 5000 yuan everyday over 5 days.

  • 8、 Whether the oven bags can be printed?

    Yes, it needs high-temperature-resist printing ink, a little bit expensive.

  • 8、 How long can I receive an offer for the foil bags after sending the enquiry?

    Our Sunkey Company usually makes an offer within 24 hours. If you urgently need products, you can dial our telephone or send e-mail to us. We will give priority to response to you within 5 minutes.

  • 9、Whether Sunkey produces oven bags with other materials?

    Sorry, we produce oven bags only with special PET at present, the ones produced with PA are under developed now.

  • 9、 How does your Sunkey Company ensure the material structure of aluminum foil bags?

    Our Sunkey Company usually customizes the products in compliance with the customers requirement. If you don’t know about foil bags, our Sunkey Company will recommend you according to the inner things and the weight.

  • 10、Do oven bags of Sunkey have test report?

    Yes, we have SGS test report for high temperature resistance, MSDS and FDA for material.

  • 10 、What is the terms of payment for aluminum foil bags for your Sunkey Company ?

    Our Sunkey Company generally accepts L/C or T/T for foil bags.

  • 11、How long is the delivery time of oven bags?

    The bags can be folded with 18 days, the bags can not be folded with 28 days, the bags customized in outer packing with 45 days.

  • 11、Can your Sunkey Company print our logo or other multicolor pattern on the aluminum foil bags?

    Of course. Our Sunkey Company can also print as the customers requirement. And we can print 12 colors at most.

  • 12、Can oven bags be punched? What is the aperture?

    Yes, oven bags can be punched and the aperture is under 1mm.

  • 12、What certificate does your Sunkey Company have for food and medicine aluminum foil bags?

    Our Sunkey Company has ISO, SGS, 5 medicine packaging certificates to make sure that the foil packaging bags are with food grade.

  • 13、What is the size and gross weight of each carton?

    It depends on the size of the oven bags, 5000 bags can be put into a 59*39*25.5cm carton, the gross weight is 22KG.

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